El Lustrador Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

The mission of the El Lustrador Foundation is to help eliminate poverty, build strong families, and promote education among the poorest of the Guatemalan people through providing mentoring and/or scholarships to youth and their families in Guatemala and the United States. Wikipedia


All donations are tax deductible. You can call 18053364289 if you want to donate by phone.


$1000 and Up              
René Corado
Casa De Español   
$500 to $999
Linnea Hall
Quo Artis                   
$250 to $499                  
Kathy Harrison Killelea                  
Premier America Credit Union                
Valdemar Morales
Eva Carrera
Lusbin Gonzalez                                           
$100 to $249        
Sharon Beals
Rebeca Champney
Jean Hulberg
 Johan Ingels
 Don Klabunde
 Maria C. Ramirez         
 Basilio Sica
 Aura Monroy
 $50 to $99
Mimi Damwyk
Connie Bastow
Sandra Lam
Brayan Corado
Alex Garcia Mencos
$25 to $49
Luis and Mary Rodas     
Guisela Perez

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