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The International Children's and Youth Reading Fair of Central America (Feria Internacional de la Lectura Infantil y Juvenil de Centroamérica, FILIJC) is an annual educational event sponsored by The Artistic, Cultural and Educational Association, Danta Guatemala. This year the FILIJC received support from the Central American Integration System (Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana, SICA) an economic and political consortium of Central American states.

Each year Danta Guatemala dedicates the Fair to an outstanding writer from Central America. In 2021, the VI edition paid tribute to the Guatemalan writer René Corado, Collections Manager at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology! Please join René for a Spanish-language video tour of the Foundation (photographed by Mimi Damwyk, WFVZ Collections Assistant, and originally streamed live on June 3), and learn more about the Feria and the museum in this segment.

Bringing together writers from across Central America and live-streamed throughout the Spanish-speaking world, the four-day event seeks to recognize the importance that children's and youth literature has in the formation of young minds throughout childhood; create effective tools for teachers, academics, librarians, mediators, specialists and researchers of children's and youth literature in Central America; contribute to the dissemination of work by regional authors in a variety of genres and to promote reading and the training of readers; influence public policies around reading, books, and libraries; and to create ties between Central American authors in a genre as important as children's and youth literature since it is the foundation for future readers.



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