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Send a Child to School


We believe every child should have a chance to education. Guatemalan children who live in poverty don't have privilege to go to school because they have to earn a living. El Lustrador is working to help children who live and work in a local landfill in Guatemala City to be able to have access to the public school. 

Escuela Marcos Martinez is a local school located in the vicinity of a landfill in Zona Tres, Guatemala City. where there are about 30,000 people, 320 houses (families) living in the area. Approximately 2,000 people live next to the landfill and work to collect trash to trade with food and basic necessities.

The majority of children of school age who live here cannot go to school because they work to collect trash to help their families. Children who are currently in school also struggle to keep up with the cost of schooling.


A mother and her 2 boys  who work in landfill receiving donation of household and school supplies.

Students with school supplies donation

Your donation and sponsorship will ensure a child living in poverty to have access to education (school fees, uniforms, books and supplies.

From only $150.00 a year or a monthly donation of  $12.5, you can cover their education fees for the whole year, including uniform and other school activities. 


For more information and other sponsorship preferences, please write to or call 805-7447341

Yes, I'd like to Send a Child to School!

Row of Colored Pencils

"Inside Every Child is

A Rainbow

Waiting to Shine "

Thank you for your donation!

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