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Birds' Nests of the World by Mamoru Suzuki Edited by Rene Corado

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This book contains information for hundreds of birds of the world, depicted creatively and scientifically. It will serve as a wonderful family learning book, as well as a scientific reference for ornithologists and bird watchers who want to learn more about the nesting and breeding habits of the birds of the world. Mr. Mamoru Suzuki was born in Tokyo in 1952. He attended Tokyo College of the Arts, and is a professional artist and keen student of the birds of the world. Mr. Suzuki is a renowned author and illustrator for multiple Japanese artistic books on nature, including The Book of Birds' Nests; Nest Poems: A collection of poems and illustrations; and the Black Cat Sangoro series. He has published essays about his own collection of birds' nests, and has exhibited both his artwork and his nests in cities all over the world. In the 1990s, Mr. Suzuki began visiting the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology (WFVZ), a non-profit natural history museum in southern California, to draw and paint bird egg and nest materials in the collections. Mr. Suzuki's artistic books on birds caught the attention of the Staff of the WFVZ, and in 2010, Dr. Linnea Hall (Director of the WFVZ) and Mr. René Corado (Collections Manager) discussed the possibility of translating Mamoru's 2001 book -- "Birds' Nests of the World"-from Japanese into English, and the current project was born.

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