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Feed families that live in a landfill community

The El Lustrador Foundation needs $2500 this Easter to feed 250 families that live in a landfill community.

Please read on!

Did you know that the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City, is the same distance from Los Angeles as

Pennsylvania? Only 2250 miles separate those of us on the west coast of the U.S. from a country that

has one of the largest number of people living in deep poverty in all of Central and South America.

One community, which lives adjacent to the Guatemala City Basurero, or landfill, sees families scratching

out a living by scavenging whatever can be sold, bartered, recycled, or consumed as food. The children

go to Manuel Marcos Martinez elementary school adjacent to the landfill, but the school, and the

families, lack almost all basic necessities. The school is the conduit to get these necessities covered, but

the pandemic has closed its doors. This year, food is the highest priority.

The El Lustrador Foundation (ELF) is a 501 (c) (3) public charity that has helped extremely poor

communities in Guatemala with basic needs and their children's’ educations for more than five years.

During the pandemic, ELF has given money to Manuel Marcos Martinez for large quantities of food for

the Basurero families. Food is distributed on family holidays, including Mother’s Day, Day of the Children,

Easter, and Christmas to preserve the dignity of the mothers. ELF provided food for 150 families for

Christmas 2020, but needs to raise funds for food distribution in April 2021, for Easter, for all 250

families that live in the landfill community and have children in the school. The cost to provide these

resources is $2500.

ELF regularly provides money for tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and food to students and families in

Guatemala. Any monetary donation to ELF is tax deductible. The money you give may truly be the

difference between life and death for the children of the deeply impoverished Guatemalan communities

that ELF serves.

Please give to these poorest of the poor who live so close to us in the United States, and yet have so


To donate please visit our GoFundMe or at our webpage here


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