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Join me this coming Friday 30th Oct. at 6 PM PDT– 7:30 PM PDT · Hosted by Western Foundation (WFVZ)

Friday at 6 PM PDT – 7:30 PM PDT

About this Event Please join us for an evening of inspiration and autobiography with Collections Manager, René Corado for a tale of grit, persistence, and humor focusing on his inspiring and amazing life story! René was born in the village of Aldea El Chical in Guatemala, and he immigrated to California at the age of 21 without documents and with only a 6th-grade elementary school education. After learning English and completing college in Oxnard, he has had a long professional career as a biologist studying bird eggs and nests in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and at home in California. René is an ornithologist (scientist that studies birds), oologist (scientist who studies bird eggs), and writer. He also has been the Collections Manager of the historical egg and nest collections of the non-profit WFVZ since 1996. He also is the founder and president of his own non-profit, the El Lustrador Foundation, which supports low-income children in Guatemala with scholarships so they can go to school. He has published books and scientific notes in Spanish and English, and is the author of the book El Lustrador, 2014, declared a "Cultural Heritage" book for Guatemala. He has received several awards, including:

  • Guatemalan writer of 2015, in Hollywood, California.

  • Latino Leader, Oxnard, California, 2018.

  • Ambassador of Peace for the government of Guatemala, 2019.

  • The Order of the Quetzal which is the highest honorary distinction granted by the government of Guatemala, 2019.

  • He has also received the Key of the City, in his native Morazán, Guatemala 2020.

You have to register on the link below, only 100 spaces available for this presentation.c[UNIQID]&mc_cid=6e864446ba&fbclid=IwAR3EnoNTGXKM0IvvYLgNTtSttnWq2YNCoEl4Ou_nuRt9FhZKIaUGFHlfivIid=6e864446ba


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